Wedding at Ferme Drouin, Casselman Ontario| Ottawa Wedding Photographers

Justin and Angelina have this kind of powerful love that you are just drawn to. When I met up with them in the fall of 2016 to discuss their wedding plans you could tell that they were just sooooo fricken excited to get all the planning over with and just be married already! ;) 

They're wedding venue was at Ferme Drouin, an old farm ground in Casselman Ontario that has been staged for weddings. The place is stunning with tons of rustic touchs and charm coming out the wazoo! The guys had so much fun getting ready! With a few beers to calm down the nerves (and obviously to keep hydrated during the hot flash we were getting ;) )  and a few youtube videos later ...and we had a groom with a bowtie! I don't think I've ever seen so many guys around a phone trying to figure out a bowtie video! 

When it came time to meet up with the ladies, I was so excited to see Angie's beautiful dress, and it did NOT disappoint! So elegant and classy, just like the bride! A few champagne toasts, gift exchanges and a Papa bear in tears and we were ready to go!

The vows were so personal and unique, I might or might not have had some tears...but shhh let's not talk about it! ;) 

It was a hot hot day, the sun was pouring & the wedding party was ready for some fun!! All in all, a pretty fantastic wedding at Ferme Drouin! 

Angie and Justin, I wish you all the best in this new life adventure and I can NOT wait to photograph so little mini me's in the future ;) xox